Comment on Buhari returns to Abuja after UNGA74 by Dr.Uche Kalu

Isn’t it indeed scandalous and simply mind boggling too, that President Buhari
travelled to New York in order to attend the 74th Session of UNGA,only to expose himself three as a damned Islamic bigot and our country as one of those anti-Isreali Islamic Republics ?
His uncouth antisemitic remark vis-a -vis his commment on Isreali/Palestine problem was certainly very unbecoming of him.
Futhermore, President Buhari’s comment on the New Zealand attack on Mosque by alone Wolf, a 28 years old Breton Tarrant, did not only expose him as a damned hypocrite but also a very callous and indeed a wicked man.
Come to think about that ,for nearly a hundred year running,Buhari’s Fulani
muslim alien sojourner folks here in Nigeria,have been used to attacking Christian places of worship and slaughtering in their wake, innocent Christian children,men and women.
Below are some of our National Records :
1.In 1922 shortly after Lord Frederick Lugard Amalgamation of the Eastern ,Lagos Crown Colony,the Northern and Western Protectorates of Nigeria, the then Sarduana of Sokoto launched a Jihad against Southern Christian Pioneers in their places of worship through out the North.
The Southerners were accused of proselytizing in the Caliphate of Sokoto (the North) with the European Missionaries.
2.1945 the Caliphate of Sokoto launched yet another Jihad for the same reason like previously, slaughtering hundreds of Southerners in Cities and Towns through out the North.
Our British Colonial Masters were then forced to draw a parallel north of
the Niger/Benue Confluence at Makurdi, and designated North of that Parallel as a no – go – area for Christian Misionary Activities in Northern Nigeria.
3.In 1953 after a Conference in Lagos, the Northern Leaders were booed and jeered at, because they had refused to sing up for our Independence from Great
Britain then.
On their return to the North,the Leaders of North,usually the Sarduana of Sokoto ,his Emirs and Imams launched a Jihad in the North and beyond
killing innocent Southern Pioneers,Yorubas first and later the Igbos and others.
4.After the first census figure taken in Nigeria after the various Regions gained Self Government with Premiers in 1956,the North put their population at
50 millions.
The Sage,Chief Obafemi Awolowo, wondered loud,if the Abokis had added the
numbers of their cattle to their given population?
For that observation made by the Sage,Awo, the Hausa/Fulani muslims went after the Yorubas first and later the igbos and other non-muslims in the North,killing as usual, hundreds of of Christians at their places of worship.
Our Colonial Masters did however, put our population then at 56 millions.
5.After the 1966 coup d’etat, the Igbos were singled out for the pogroms in the
North first and later in i967, the Yorubas of Abeokuta ,Lagos and Ibadan joined the Hausa/Fulanis,to slaughter thousands of innocent Igbo children,men, women and for a good measure.
The pogroms later culminated into the Biafran-Nigerian War of 1967 t0 1970.
6.In the 1980s after the Fulani/Gwari mongrel Despot,Gen.(Rtd.) Ibrahim Babangida (IBB) unilaterally went out his way into declaring our fatherland an Islamic Republic,the Caliphate of Sokoto did follow that up by launching of
Jihad with its Maitatsine Killer Squads in order to intimidate the Christians,who dared protest against that insolent act of an upstart and a bloody fucking reprobate.
For almost a year, Imam Musa Makandi and his Killer Squads destroyed scores
of Christian places of worship and lots of human effórts,slaughtering in their wake thausands of innocent non-muslim children,men and women.
7.At the behest of Mallam Muhammadu Buhari,the Sharia State Governors
recruited,nurtured and sired their various Boko Haram Groups as the custodians
of Sharia-jurisprudence in their various States.
That was during an Islamic Seminar on Sharia in Kaduna convened by Gen.(Rtd) Muhmmadu Buhari himself , which was reported by in Guardian Newspaper on the 27th of August 2001.
Since then,the Boko Haram Jihadist Killer Squads have been bombing and burnig hundreds of Christain places of Worship killing in their wakes, many Christians in their places of Worship.
8.Following the Invasion of Afghanistan by the American and European Coalition Groups, Nigerian Christians did pay some heavy price for that.
As the Americans bombarded the Bora-bora hide-out of Usama Bin Laden
and his Talibans Terrorist Groups, back home in Nigeria every Friday, muslim Youths after prayers had always descended upon innocent Christians,killing
and maiming many innocent Christians.
9.A caricuture of Prophet Mohammed by the Journalist, Kurt Westergaard in
faraway Denmark,did elicit the anger of Nigerian muslims against their fellow
innocent Nigerian patriots ,who because they were Christians and in their hundreds , paid the heavy price with their precious lives.
10. The daily killings of innocent Nigerian Christains by Buhari’s Fulani muslim folks continues and that doesn’t perturbe him at all.
But being a hypocrite and a damned Islamic bigot,Buhari is really more concerned about the attack on Mosque and the killing of some muslim worshippers in New Zealand , which of cours, is condemnable
Our Christian 10th Commandment says,”Thou shallt not kill.”
But Buhari and his murderous Fulani folks are hereby warned that,we
Christians can no longer continue to be turning our other cheeks to them after they have killed us Christians more than seventy times seventy times.
”Kpum bu ogu.Ndigbo ga agwa ochu.Iwu! ”
No to the status quo ante bellum!!
Down with Haussa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!!

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