Comment on Buhari shocked over Attahiru, others’ death by Dr Uche Kalu

Well, according to the Italians,” De mortuis nil nisi bene”.
The Germans would say,” Über Tote nur Gutes sagen”,or ” Es soll stimmen
was mann überTote sagen”.
And the Greeks would add,” Gia to nekros milame mono kalas.
In other words,it is traditional to say only good things about the dead.
I as a devout Christian,would say that ,the late Army Chief of Staff,
Lt.General Ibrahim Attahiru was a true Nigeria Patriot,who paid the
ultimate price in the course of discharging his duty to our country.
May His Soul Repose In Eternal Peace!
Lt. General Ibrahim Attahiru is indeed a Martyr.
Having said that however,it is but about time the Commander in Chief of
our Armed Forces,General (Rtd.) Muhammadu Buhari be compelled to end
his ongoing war-games, and indeed the siege of Southern Nigeria; the South
East and South South in particular.
The current massive deployment of the Nigerian Armed Forces to replace
the Police in Southern Nigeria is very scary and given the fact that we are
in civilian not under military regime, that is indeed quite unacceptable.
President Buhari must call off immediately the ongoing Futahat and Jihad
Campaigns in country.
Nigeria We Hail Thee.Lol!
No to the status quo ante bellum!!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic hegemony!!!

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