Comment on Buhari: We’ll not rest until remaining Chibok girls are back by THE NOON

Marking the anniversary of the abduction of chibok school girls every year only tells the world that Nigerians and their mentalities towards security matters shows senses of an unwise society because since the abduction of chibok girls insecurities has consumed thousands of lives and properties worth billions while crime rates are increasing every minute of which many defenceless Nigerians are living in one fear or the other where total insecurities tension has enveloped their mind these are all cleared manifestation of Bad Governance as far as democracy is concerned therefore marking anniversary of those consumed by an insecurity of which those marking it are also not safe showed senselessness of purpose. The foudamental questions are, Is there a meaningful success in security related matters that democratically guaranteed protection of lives and properties? What are the lessons that gives hope for protection of lives of the girls that enjoys their freedom presently?. Insecurities in Nigeria and its barbaric dimensions remained a cleared manifestation of Bad Governance because it is a constitutional obligations of government to guaranteed protection of lives and properties so if democratically elected government failed in that direction people should realizes that the government can not achieve anything. The ugly security situations in Nigeria where security agencies were also direct victims in many ways raised question of Why? However only a Government that proffered lasting solution to security problems in Nigeria will enjoyed a legacy that will deserves marking its anniversary.

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