Comment on Buhari’s skewed view of the Igbo race by Dr Uche Kalu

We Biafrans have yet to reckon with those Igbo Quislings, who invited that illiterate son of an
undocumented Fulani cattle driver alien from Meredi, Niger Republic,Mallam Muhammadu Buhari
to Abakalike, Ebony State’s Capital in 2017.
Governor Dave Nwaeze Umahi and his fellow Igbo Traitors and Reprobates feted and wined that
Igbophobe, Mallam Buhari,who loves to hate us Ndigbo with passion, shortly after he had orderd those Python Dance i and ii (Egwu Eke i na ii ) Military Exercises in our South East.
Mazi Umahi and his fellow Igbo Traitors did crown that act of treachery of theirs by conferring an Igbo Title to that uninitiated and uncircumcised filthy Fulani Igbophobe.
That was tantantmount to inviting Buhari to come and dance on the mass graves of our
Igbo Youths, murdered in cold blood by the Nigerian Army of vandals and morons during their barbaric Python Dance Operations in Igboland..
It was also a slur over the memories of the above murdered Igbo Youths and indeed, a blot on the escutcheon of man too.
Vengancy is ours.
Oh yes indeed! We shall one day visit the iniquities of the fathers upon their children.
”Ndigbo cheenu echiche’. Anyi ga- agwanu ochu.Ofo! ”

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