Comment on Buhari’s third term agenda won’t work – Golu, ex-House member by THE NOON

Is the 1999 Constitution really Nigeria problems? Or The political culture and its barbaric political ideology of total showing of an abnormal attitudes towards obeying law?.
Is there third term in the 1999 Constitution for the Executive? So Why much ado about an unwarranted rumors of third term and its unjustified accusations against the integrity and reputation of President Buhari? This kind of political tension was created during the administration of Former President Olusegun Obasanjo where the political atmosphere of Nigeria keep been judgemental of Former President Obasanjo of having Third Term agenda now the mentalities of Nigerians towards the position of the Constitution is inquestion because the unpatriotic and unconstitutional rumors of third term agenda always prevailed over the position of the law which mean the so called society that claimed being educated believed rumors than what the law uphold therefore Is the 1999 Constitution the problems or the Sicked society called Nigeria? If truely Nigerians are politically and democratically oriented the unpatriotic politics of Third term agenda would neither influence them nor turned them against their President but rather made them to ridiculed those politicians spreading and at the same time poisoning their minds as enemy of Democracy.
Again Is the Constitution really Nigeria problems or the Sicked society called Nigeria?.

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