Comment on Buhari’s victory: Obiano, Umahi & Ndigbo by Dr Uche kalu

Mazi Ebere Nwabara comes across here as a Brown Envelope Journalist.
His insinuation that Governor Willie Maduaburochi Obiano threw his weight behind President Buhari is simply a specious fallacy.
DR Willie Obiano is after all a member of our APGA Party and our APGA
Party had its own Presidential Flagbearer during the recent Presidential
Come to think about that,why must Governor Willie Obiano support Atiku’s
PDP Party after his predecessor,Governor Peter Obi abandoned our APGA
Party to join PDP?
That Peter Obi,a former Governor of Anambra State would abandon APGA
Party under which platform he was once a Governor of Anambra State to join PDP Party, makes him a traitor indeed.
But what exactly are the differences between APC and PDP,Atiku and Buihari
after all?
APC and PDP are both Parties of some very corrupt individuals and political
jobers ,who went into politics not to serve the hapless people of Nigeria, but simply because of the easy money to be made in Nigerian Politics.
Oh yes! Our Nigerian Politicians(of both APC and PDP alike),only loot and share among themselves our vast oil and gas revenues living absolutely nothing for the down trodden Nigerian masses.
That goes a long way to explain why there are dearths of all those things, that
are taken for granted in this 21st century,here in a supposedly rich country like
So, there are absolutely no differences between APC and PDP Parties.
The duo Atiku and Buhari are both Fulanis and therefore the Crown Princes of
the Fulani neo-Colonialist Caliphate of Sokoto.Both of them have a common and an identical agenda for our fatherland.
The Fulanis want to Islamize our fatherland and to make Nigeria their
Usman Dan Fodia Estate.
Thus,they currently have absolute control of all the Institutions in the country.
That an Igbo Nationalist like Dr Willie Maduaburochi Obiano,the Governor of
Anambra State,would support an Igbophobe like President Buhari,who loves to
hate us Ndigbo with passions,is blantantly and speciously, a fucking figment of imagination of Mazi Ebere Nwabara.

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