Comment on Buratai’s conspiracy theories by Peter Okeke

This suggests that we have graduated from semi civilization to jungle and not to civilization. The rule of the jungle now reign supreme only in the absence of stable government. The government can no longer protect her citizens. This indicates signs of anarchy. This is a crucial time to be more serious about restructuring where individual units are more compacts, cohesive and competitive. It is easy for a state to contain the activities of the criminals within them than an outsider if given the necessary powers to do so. They have no choice because their survivals depends on their abilities to maintain order and control. We are merely existing with the present state of affairs of this amorphous country than existing. If there is social injustice and unparalleled poverty even the rich are at risk to enjoy their wealth. If you have but are afraid to enjoy it is worse than poverty. There is no fresh hope in this present government that is already exhausted.

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