Comment on CAC withdraws Ohaneze Ndigbo General Assembly certificate by Azzo

Stupid incompetent woman. You can imagine the behaviour of a supposedly public servant. This is someone considered schooled and fit to hold public office. Anyways, good for the Igbos too as you can not control yourselves, no cooperation, no respect to constituted authorities amongst you all. This action from CAC is not unconnected with the emergence of another splinter Ohaneze group to discredit the current one. Your motivations and ambitions are first and foremost anchored on greed. The ‘If I don’t have it, then no other persons should’, and Igbo ama Eze culture has eaten deep into the fabrics of your wellbeing and common existence with all that you stand for. Splinter groups here and there are the evidence of your thriving on chronic greed particularly those of you from Imo and Abia extraction. Shame on you Igbos. Tufiakwa.

Source: news

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