Comment on Call herdsmen to order, Bishop Nwokolo tells FG by Emmanuel Chukwuma Umeh

Aptly and reasonably speaking, the Nigeria Federal Government needs to unsectionally and non sentimentally call the “Herdsmen killers” across the country, to security order.

The misconceived political ideas that “Fulanis are born to rule” other Nigerians, which they misconceively refer to as “Born slaves” in Nigeria, is seriously playing out in the genocide(s) killings activities by those Fulanis herdsmen in Nigeria, especially the body language of the presidency in handling this critical security challenges that these herdsmen have mercilessly and devilishly afflicted other Nigerians and communities with.

As we can reasonably see, the politics of “Racism” is playing prominence in today’s administration, which includes hostile attitudes and prejudices against some ethnic groups across the hosting communities, through the herdsmen activities, and it creates security challenges suspicion that there are some hidden political agenda by those political cabals in Nigeria.

As rightly remarks, Nigerians, irrespective of tribal and cultural differences, need all-inclusive harmonious tolerance and peaceful coexistence, collectively and genuinely among all the ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Nigerians, among other things, need mutual trust, all-inclusive social love and kindness among the different ethnic groups, to collectively stand against the said “politically masterminded and sponsored killings” across several communities in Nigeria.

The Federal Executive Government needs to unbiasedly rise to its giving constitutional responsibilities, and to equitably take all the necessary security measures, to promptly arrest the herdsmen evil and devilish killing activities across the country!

The presidency seriously requires to equitably face the current realities of the diverse security challenges across the communities in Nigeria, and stop politicizing the current security problems in the country with their partisan politics!

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