Comment on CAN attack: Apostle Suleman apologises to Femi Adesina by THE NOON

Apostle Suleiman does not satisfied the position of CAN nor justified the reasons why a member of the Senate called for President Buhari resignation nor democratically adduced the sensitivities of the subject matters and its religious, tribals and regional dimension which also made some Nigerians called for the sacked of Security Chiefs as solutions to security challenges so praising or admiring President Buhari as an individual at this ugly security situations in the country remained a cleared assault to people in a agony of insecurity as well as to teeming Nigerians that voted for President Buhari reelection. The habitual calling for sacked of some office holders in Nigeria especially those in appointment capacity showed that Nigerians are people without consciense because they habitually not admitting their key areas of errors that politically, democratically, socially and economically allowed the situations to occurred which raises these fundamental questions, does Nigerians failed to admitted their Democratic roles of producing Buhari as Nigeria President by election? Why now calling for his resignation? Would the sacked of the security chiefs end insecurities? In the past does the celebrated voted out Former President Goodluck Jonathan end insecurities in the country? Does the removal of some security chief in the past when ever there crisis in their jurisdiction end security problems? In this situations if Nigerians are truly Godly people their conscience should made them firstly blamed themselves for voted APC and President Buhari then reflected that in the past the habitual removal of appointed office holders never be a solutions therefore what is solutions?. A society where the characteristics of people conscience are hypocritical in Nature while the uncountable places of worships neither demonstrated fear of God nor inculcated moral values nor gives glory to God by promoting peace and unity, justice and fair play in harmony with scriptural teaching however would God answered prayers of hypothetical people? Or can God be fooled?. No prayers, fasting, supplication or good deed with hypothetical intention be answered by God because God is not an hypocrite by created mankind in His image and by being creator of all creation.

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