Comment on Catholic bishops angry over injustice by Dr Uche Kalu

His Eminence,Archbishop Man-oso Ndagoso and His Clergy Colleagues must be bold and forthright not mincing words about the current threat of the Hausa/Fulani Jihadist Killer Squads, which is hanging over our heads like the Sword of Damocles.
It behooves all our Leaders, Political,Religious and Traditional alike to wake up to the occasion by calling a spade a spade.
The basic fact of the matter is that the Fulanis are nomore Nigerians than the
Afrikaans (Boers) are South Africans.
Apartheid is nomore today in South Africa.
That so called Kajuru Crisis was not a mere Farmers/Herders Clash. It was indeed a barbaric invasion of that Community by some alien Fulani cattle drivers.
It is about time the power-that -be, be called upon to see to it that those barbaric
and bellicose Fulani Herdsmen,who are rampaging all over the country are called to order.
The MACBAN Sheikhs and their nomadic Herdsmen must be made to respect the sedentary culture of the Indigenous Nigerians.
Those Christian Leaders,who are calling for our harmony and cohabitation with
our Hausa/Fulani muslim compatriots, must also heed to the old warning of
Emperor Constantine Paliologos,the Byzantine Emperor,who lost his Capital City
of Constantinople to the Uthman Turks.
Given the ongoing mindset Fulanization and Islamization of our fatherland by the power-that-be and coupled with an ongoing daily killings of innocent Nigerians cum ethnic cleansings of native Nigerians from their ancestral lands,our continued cohabitation with the Abokis and their Jihadists Killer Squads,thus becomes an attempt at committing suicide.
But it is forbidden for Christians to commit suicide.
I wonder what Pol Pot Yakubu Gowan and the proponents of his ” One Nigeria” ideology have to say about the current situation in the polity today?
The foreboding conspiracy of silence which is currently prevalent in the polity must be condemned by all patriotic and well-meaning Nigerians.
Wake up folks!
No to the status quo ante bellum!!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!!

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