Comment on Community leaders move to avert crisis in Oshodi/Isolo by Kalu J. Okafor

Rubbish! Why should Igbos in Lagos not have the freedom to vote candidates of their choice? Why must Igbos in Lagos be either intimidated or coaxed into voting APC. Is APC now a Yoruba party? Even if it were, does any person or tribe have the constitutional right to dictate to Igbos who to vote for? Does ‘one Nigeria’ mean Igbos do not have the right to vote according to their conscience? Igbos form a large part of the population of Lagos that gives the state the huge federal allocation it draws from the federation account. Igbos are part of the massive development of Lagos. Igbos pay tax to the state. Yet they are not considered Lagosians or given the same rights in Lagos as Yorubas or even Hausa/Fulani. Are candidates in other parties not Yorubas or Lagosians? Any Igbo that votes APC is a curse to himself/herself. Igbos voting APC would just mean postponing the doomsday. It will mean that at every election, they would be intimidated into voting for who some thugs want them to vote for. That would be unlike what Igbos are known for. Igbos in Lagos should vote PDP and damn the consequences.The time is now instead of differing the rainy day for their descendants. Vote against APC now or you and your children will ever remain slaves to Tinubu and his thugs.

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