Comment on Consequences of Buhari’s second term by Dr.Uche Kalu

It is simply mind boggling and also heartbreaking to note that ,a lot of Nigerians are unaware of the fact that Mallam Muhammadu Buhari,their President, is indeed an evil and a very wicked man.
During Pol Pot Yakubu Gowon’s War of Genocide against us Biafarns, (1967-
1970) Officer Buhari and the Officers and Men of the Nigerian Army of Vandals under his command, carried out the worst recorded atrocities of the war in Afiko North and South of present day Ebonyi State.
The reason for that was because, the then Governor of Biafria and Secretary General of World Council Churches,Sir Francis Akanu Ibiam hailed from Afikpo.
Before the war,Army Officer Buhari also assisted the late Gen. Ibrahim Taiwo
to carry out pogroms on Eastern Nigerians fleeing the North in 1966.
He offered some logistics to Gen. Taiwo,who blocked the Niger Bridge Head at Makurdi with a Contigent of Nigerians Army , slaughtering and gang- raping our Igbo women folks for a bloody fortnight.
In 1983,Gen.Buhari did overthrow the Democratic and Legitimate Government
of Alhaji Shehu Sagari.The atrocities of that short dictatorial reign of terror
by that bandit and jihadist despot,Mallam Muhammadu Buhari are well
documented and recorded.They were indeed,heinous and barbaric crimes
against humanity.
It was at the behest of no other person but Buhari,that the Sharia State Governors recruited,nurtured and sired the Jihadist Killer Squads aka,Boko Haram.
Buhari is of course, a well known godfather and a spokesperson of the Boko
Haram Jihadits, that he shamelessly equates them with our Boys in Creeks,the N’Delta Environmentalists.
Those Fulani Jihadist Killer Squads along with their Hausa/Kanuri muslim
mongrels are known to have had over 35000 innocent Nigerian killed so far.
But in their gloatings,which is tantamount to slurs over the memories of those
victims of Boko Haram mass murders,Buhari’s lying Minister of Information and Propaganda, Liar Mohmmed and the Itsekiri Upstart,Buhari’s Campaign Spokesperson,Mallam Festus Musa Ali Keyamo,do joke about the Boko Haram having killed more Nigerians under GEJ Presidency than under Buhari’s.
How callous ,shameless and wicked of the bove duo indeed!
They seem to have forgotten that the Jihadists are all Hausa/Fulani/ Kanuri
muslims,not Anang, Edo,Efik, Ibibio,Igbo,Ijaw or Yoruba Christians.
In 2011,Presidential Candidate Mallam Muhmmadu Buhari had promised to
lynch those,who would dare help rig the Presidential Election against him.
Long before the Election Results were announced, Candidate Buhari made
good on his promise by going to the airwave in BBC Hausa Service telling his Almajiri supporters that the Presidential Election had been rigged against him.
Buhari’s supporters on hearing that went out theirs ways in Cities and Towns
through out the Islamic North,slaughtering and hacking to death, scores of our Youth Corps of Southern Christian extractions,who had assisted the INEC Officials during the 2011 Presidential Election.
In 2015,in order to distance himself from the Boko Haram Jihadists ,Buhari did resort to staging a Boko Haram barbaric and very wicked attack on his convoy in a Christian neighbourhhod of Kaduna, where well over 87 innocent pedestrians and bystanders killed were all non-muslims.
Curiously however, not a single member of Buhari’s convoy had a scrach from that purported attack.
As soon as Mallam Buhari took over the Presidency from Prof. Goodluck Ebele Jonthan,he made good on his promise to the late Governor of Ogun State, Dr.Lam Adesina.
As of then ,brave Ogun Farmers and Hunters hand hounded ,routed and sent packing,Fulani alien cattle drivers,whó had invaded their farmlands and destroying their crops in their wake.
Mallam Muhammadu Buhari,then the Chairman of MACBAN led a delegation
of MACBAN Sheikhs to Governor Lam Adesina.He threatened and promised the Governor that in the future,his Fulani herdsmen would kill those who would
dare deny them their right of passage as provided by the so called,ECOWA Protocols.
The ramapaging MACBAN’s Fulani Herdsmen and Militias who are on prohl all
over the country,which now has occasioned Buhari’s Presidency, is indeed that promise Mallam Muhammadu Buhari once made to the Late Governor Lam Adesin of Ogun State.
Nontheless,the Minister of Defence , Malla Mansur Dan Ali and his Interior
Counterpart,Gen.(rtd) Abdulrahmann Bello Dambazau,have both made it
abundantly clear to us Nigerians that both the Nigerian Armed Forces and the Police have a standing order from above,to aid the Fulani Herdsmen in
exercising their right of passage which is accorded them by the fucking
ECOWA Protocols.
Thus. the ongoing pogroms and ethnic cleansings with indeed, genocidal intent in the Meddle Belt ,the invsions and pillagings through out the South by the Fulani Herders and Militias ,of which President Buhari and his men simply refer to as mere Famers’/Herders’ clashes, is in indeed at their behest.
True patriot and well-meaning Nigerians must rally round and help put an end to these current calamities brought upon us and our fatherland by President Buhari and members of his Axis of Evil Party,the so called APC.
Buhari is an evil and wicked Islamic bigot. His cup does runneth over jare!
Folks please,rid Nigeria of Buhari,his cahoots and cohorts of APC.
Buhari is once again at it.His recent order to the Armed Forces and the Police
to kill election-box snatchers on sight, must be condemned with some punitive
actions not by mere rhetorics.
Enough is enough Jare!
That semi-illiterate son of an undocumented Fulani alien cattle driver from
Meredi,Niger Republic ,Mallam Muhammadu Buhari,ought not be allowed go scott free and unpunished, upon all those barbaric and heinious crimes against humanity by him.
Buhari and his Fulani folks of the neo-Colonialist Caliphate of Sokoto ought to be reminded at this juncture, that they are alien sojourners here ín our
Oh yes! The Fulanis are nomore Nigerians than the Afrikaans (Boers) are
South Africns jare!
Nigeria must send Buhari to the Hague before the ICJ jare!
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Buhari’s Hausa/Fulani Islmic Hegemony!!

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