Comment on Constitution review: Kalu, Tinubu, Goje, others head zonal public hearing by THE NOON

How many time the Constitution would be amended in over 20years of democracy in Nigeria?.
Public hearing on the review of 1999 Constitution was a wrong Democratic step in a cleared ridiculous direction of failure to show reasonable concerns of Why Democracy itself failed to systematically United Nigerians? Why does teeming youths indulged in criminalities as means of livelihood? Why general insecurities of lives and properties keep taking barbaric dimension of ethno religion and regional colouration? And Why now the unprecedented debate on separation of the country? These are all questions which neither the review of the Constitution nor any public hearing at regional or zonal levels has answers for, because the 1999 Constitution was not really the problems but the Nigerian barbaric political culture so how could a political culture that legalized what it is illegal and moralised what it is immoral obey the principle of rule of law? Or does Nigerian political culture maintain the constitutional political objectives in it’s political activities at party levels? Therefore zonal public hearing on constitutional review in a society where more than 70% of its legislature’s and The Executives lacked Democratic and political orientation while the public itself strongly believed in violence as a solutions to any crisis so what will be the outcome of public hearing in this type of an uncivilized society called Nigeria?

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