Comment on Covid-19 and mark of the beast by Dr Uche Kalu

The emergency of COVID-19 pandemic with its daily high fatality rate acroos
the globe is indeed horrendous,apocalyptic and also very disconcering.
I do hope that the power- that- be in Nigeria,wouldn’t utilise the pandemic
situation in order to exploit the sitution by turning some of its members from Kleptocrats to Virolocrats.Lol!
Thus,the President has already inuagurated his COVID-19 Taskforce headed
by his erstwhile Accountant Minister of Education,Mallam Boss Mustapha.
Member of Boss Mustapha’s gobble – de – gook COVID-19 Taskforce are
out there shooting to kill at sight , impounding vehicles (cars,Tricycles
motorcyles) and exorting money from motorists.
Of course, Cronavirus or ”COVID-19 itself is evil and we Africans must pray
that the quest for a vaccine against it will not bring another stigma and deaths
to Africans like the quest for the vaccine against Polio Myelitis.
When the 2nd World War President of America,Franklin Delano Roosevelt
died from complication of Polio Myelitis,the American Medical Community was called upon to develop a vaccine against Polio Myyelitis by the Government.
In the 1950s, a group of Virologists headed by a Polish born Prof. Hilary Kroposwki travelled to Central Africa (Congo),where up till today Polio
Myelitis is still endemic.
Prof. Hilary Kropowski and his group did succeed in manufacturing an
anti -Polio Myelitis Vaccine.
But unknown to them, some of the mokeys they had used in culturing the
vaccine were carriers of a strain of virus which mutated into Human
Immunodefficiency Virus in their laboratory,contaminating some batches
of their Polio Myelitis Vaccine productions.
Lots of poor Congolese children ,who got jabs of the contaminated vaccines
developed HIV/Aids.
Many of them died while other survied as healthy carriers only to infect others
through sexual contacts and blood donations (transfusions).
Prof. Hilary Kroposwki ,who died in 2013 did get Nobel Prize for the
Poliomyelitis Vaccine .
But the two factor that led to the spread of HIV/Aids in Black Africa were the followings:
1.The Republic of Congo (Zaire) with rich mineral wealth has many
American and European Comppanies prospection for minerals and its
Cabinda Port is damn too small.
So,those Foreign Companies do use the East African Lager Ports of Dar -Es-
Salaam and Mombasa of Tanznia and Kenyia respectively, and do transport their goods there with lorries by roads.
The drivers ( thousands of them) do often stop on their ways to visit bars,
prostitutes and their mistresses, thereby contracting and spreading HIV/Aids from Congo to all over East Africa.
2 In the late 1950s to early the 1960s,the Great Revolutionist and right-hand man of Fidel Castro of Cuba; Ernesto Che Guevara had pitched his tent in Dodoma in Tanzania in order to prepare the Africans in their fights for Independence from their European Colonial Masters.
From Angola, Guinea Bissau, Mozambic, Namibia, South Africa ,Zimbabwe,
you name them; young men and women gathered in Tanzania to be trained
for their wars of liberation.
Many of them contract HIV/Aids and carried that with them to their various
countries to infect others.
Two French Doctors had already in their Tweets,(jocularily perhaps), suggested
that the first COVID-19 vaccine should be tested on Africns,of which two Inertnational African Football Stars and Icons, Monsieurs Drogba and Eto-o
of Cote d’Ivoire and Cameroon respectively , have roundly and promptly condemned.

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