Comment on Customs detains 4 officers over man’s death at Sagamu Interchange, Ogun State by Kess

Kudos to the Custom bosses for the interest to review this incident and bring anyone found wanting to justice.
It will serve as a disciplinary precedence for all other officer to discharge their lawful duty with magnanimity, professionalism and strict adherence to the laws guiding fundamental human right.

In my little training and experience with international civil enforcement, i can say, officers are highly taught to abstain from dehumanizing treatment of culprit otherwise the officer himself could be jailed.

We would rather allow a suspect to escape and investigation carried on to arrest him subsequently than cause avoidable havok to lives and properties.

And we have gained respect from the masses in this regard.
Our Customs, police, Army et al should cultivate this kind of training.

Otherwise, they will continue to look like public enemies.

Source: news

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