Comment on Dasuki/Sowore: You are mischief-maker,  Malami fires Falana by AZZO

My dear Minister, again you have mis-fired in your rebuttal. Your learned colleague’s argument was centred on the fact that you lied you had no powers to approve or advise your principal to approve the release of Sowere and Dasuki but not later than a week after this, they were both released based – I think with instructions from your office. Falana gave examples of yet another learned colleague’s time in office i.e. Chike Ofodile, when he acted accordingly and as expected of your own exalted office. The point Falana is making is that you have either by acts of commission or omission not acted professionally in the matter and apologise. You did not need to do a vein rebuttal if you did not want to say sorry. I don’t recall Falana using any derogative adjective to describe you or your actions and therefore it is disrespectful and a disgrace on your part to call him a mischief maker. Looking at the scored card as it now stands, you have 3 apologies to make.

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