Comment on Democracy Day: Ex-Abia gov urges politicians to respect democracy tenets by THE NOON

The question of Who is MKO Abiola ? will be rocking the minds of teeming young Nigerians while it would also be difficult for them to connect MKO with what democracy all about because June-12 was only significant to an election in the history of Nigeria which upon Billions of Naira spent on election since 1999 still not as credible as June-12 so Is these an electoral progress? Money that can build Hospital, Market and Schools wasted on election which its result not credible like june12. Undoubtedly June-12 Will always be a Demonstration Day in the History of Nigeria while May 29 remained globally acceptable Democracy day however if democracy and its doctrines are properly inculcated 20yrs ago Sokoto, Kano and probably Kaduna could have produced Igbo Governors while Kwara, Oyo and possibly Lagos could have produced Hausa Governors which these defined that democracy is working. Nigerians Happy Demonstration Day celebration.

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