Comment on Diaspora Ebonyians chide Umahi over RUGA, freedom of speech by DR Uche Kalu

Dave Nwaeze Umahi, the Governor of Ebonyi State is an Aro-Uzo man ,whose Aro ancestors were slave catchers and traders in Ohaozara part of Afikpo,in Ebonyi State.
”Ndi-Aro bú ndi – ohoro.” (The Aro are conmen).
That is an established fact and some good examples of such Aro conmen like Dave Umahi are the late K .O. Mbadiwe and Prof. Ukpabi Asika.
The former,K.O . Mbadiwe, as our Biafran Foreign Minister, misappropriated (stole ) all our war effort funds and donations from abroad.
While the later,Prof . Ukpabi Asika was Pol Pot Yakubu Gowon’s Governor of our East Central State during the war,who sabotaged our war efforts.
The Aro Osu – muo,Dave UImahi,is an agent of the MACBAN.
That Aro – Uzo crook has helped the MACBAB establish two Ruga Settlements in Izzi and
Ezza Local Government Areas of Ebony State without any consultation with the people of the Region concerned.
The people of Ebonyi State should either hound that Efik/Igbo mongrel out of office or simply take him out immediately.
Dave Nwaeze Umahi must go!

Source: news

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