Comment on Disclose payments of pensions to ex-govs, others within 7-day, SERAP tells 36 states by THE NOON

Disclosing the details of the pension been lawfully enjoyed by Former Governors has nothing to do with ugly economy situations of the country of which SERAP should realized its efforts on these issues would not be successful because the judiciary that has constitutional power to interprets laws would never discredited the legislative powers of the legislature as far as democracy is concerns so SERAP should either devoted its time to reorientation of Nigerians politically and democratically to understand the barbaric political culture that put them in an economy hardship however achieving success on these regards will make Nigerians to vote for candidates that will have their interest as Legislature not really those that continued make laws the aided a political culture of recycled politicians in power. SERAP often presented itself as a puppets of political commotions while its always contradicted it objective on many sensitive national matters.

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