Comment on Discredit Buhari’s achievements with your 16-year stewardship, APC Legacy tells PDP by THE NOON

Those who called themselves APC Legacies awareness group firstly failed to know the true meaning of what Legacy is all about, of which challenging PDP in these manner absolutely demonstrated foolishness because PDP is APC and APC is PDP as far as Nigerian barbaric political culture and its ideology is concern so Is there a cleared difference between PDP and APC since defection, decamping, jumping and moving mainly from PDP to APC and APC to PDP are celebrated as if it were an election victory? However the opened celebration of defected members of a political party to another obviously confirmed that there is no Democratic political party nor Democratic opposition party but only business enterprises in the name of political parties while those who called themselves APC Legacy awareness group are just Jobless group that lacked insight to understand what is DEMOCRATIC GOOD GOVERNANCE?.
All what itemized as achievement of APC in 6years in comparison to PDP 16years were mere futility as far as democracy is concern because the 22 years of Democracy in Nigeria and its barbaric political culture had systematically destroyed the sacrificial legacies of the military and their efforts of keeping the country United, peaceful and secured moreover an infrastructural development without achieving Democratic development at all levels is meaningless while political culture and its ideology of an impression of doing people favour and expression of being a semigod to people by the so called elected Democratic leaders which continue killing the spirits of patriotism in people shows that no matter infrastructure achievement in this type of undemocratic society remained an objects of vandalism which is now happening. A true Democratic society understand that Democratic leaders does not deserved to be praise for what ever they do as their office obligation and also understand that Democratic leaders are not doing favour for what ever they do. So when would Nigerians abolished the undemocratic praising of politicians which demonstrated a cleared 21st century mental slavery.

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