Comment on Dissecting Reps’ state of emergency call on security by THE NOON

Before Service Chiefs Must Go and they had gone and now State of Emergence on Security, These was a confirmation that Nigeria doesn’t know Where it is coming from, Doesn’t know Where it is and Doesn’t know where it is going on matter of security in a Democratic system of government however the past 20years of democracy in Nigeria and its barbaric political culture had systematically killed the spirits of patriotism in people of without Patriotism there can never be a reasonable success on Security challenges because if does indulged in all form of criminalities were patriotic they would surely use the resources for criminality in Nation building while security agencies that sometimes aided criminality with either information or weapons just because of Money if they are also patriotic they would surely not abused their uniform therefore at this critical situations it is democratically wise for the democratic leadership at all levels, The Executives, The Legislature and civil society to willingly Hand over Government to the Military which remained the best solution or else it is better for the military to Forcefully takeover government which President, Vice President, Legislature, Ministers and politicians will be arrested and remained a political Prisoners for the rest of their lives although The military will eventually handover government back to democratically elected civilians government after restored patriotism back to the people by established a political culture that is in harmony with democracy

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