Comment on Do Igbo really want another war? by Benjamin Kish

From 1970 the civil war ended on Igbo Hebrew Biafran side, the war continued on hausa-fulani and Yoruba side against the Igbos.

Late general Philip Effiong once said quotes: if I knew that Nigeria will continue fighting easterners using economic strangulation, silence assassinations, burning of Igbo and easterners dominated shops, warehouses and markets, I would have not ask the Biafran soldiers to lay down their arms as the last head of state in Biafra.

Today I regretted, general Ojukwu regretted, US, Russia etc regretted ever scuttling the biafran dream that was in the verge of being realised off quotes.

As Igbos where killed in the north, some beheaded, and some burnt alive, the south west was busy tormenting the Igbos through landlords, omoniles, touts, hooligans and Ala hausa in Lagos.

Many buildings, landed properties where either destroyed or ceased by south west government claiming it was illegally acquired and built.

Thousands of affected young men and women took their own lives due to frustration and hopelessness.

When the so called Victor’s of the civil war saw that the great Ndi’Igbo were not move, by the calamities deliberately layed upon them, the hausa-fulani moved into the Igbo heartland as fulani herdsmen and began raping, killing and forcefully claiming ownership of forests and farmlands with the Yorubas given them a political cover from South west regional governments.

Uwazuruike and his boy Nnamdi Kanu ‘re FAKE Igbo Hebrew freedom agitators, as MASSOB lured thousands of our youths to their untimely deaths 1998, as an agents of the caliphate till date.

IPOB came confronting Nigeria as if they ‘re real, Ndi’Igbo was once again deceived into believing in IPOB, the result is again thousands of deaths of our youths, Kanu lured into the waiting hands of Nigerian army, police and DSS.

Eastern Security network is the 4th such security network Kanu formed within a space of 10 years, all ended up as a trap against our freedom seeking population. Kanu was and still is an agent of the British operating from the backyard of No 10 downing street London.

Ndi’Igbo is at war, outside and inside, many hausa-fulanis ‘re now speaking Igbo and when you ask them where they came from, they will point to you a local government in Delta state, Ebonyi, Enugu, Anambra, Imo or Anambra state respectively.

100% of them live inside our forest with their cows, families and fulani mercenaries that joined them from outside Nigeria.

Igbo politicians past m, present and future ones ‘re all SABOTEURS, and the caliphate ass lickers like hope Uzodinma etc.

Despite the above, it’s either a referendum or South east region of Nigeria will return to battle field once again, to liberate ourselves and our land from these invaders who claims to be one Nigeria…..700MEN

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