Comment on Don’t leave South West, governors tell Northerners by Tony

They have started leaving already. They must. When will you Yoruba wake up from your sleep? Southwest is under siege. The Hausa have taken over . Same people that jailed Awolowo, cajoled you into waging war against NDIGBO. , tricked you into moving the federal capital to their zone ,
cooked up charges and jailed Olusegun Obasanjo , annulled the most peaceful election ever held in Nigeria won by a Yoruba man , jailing and eventually killing the winner of that election. Chief MKO Abiola , a Yoruba man. Kidnapped Olu Falaye a Yoruba leader and now capping it up with the senseless killing of the daughter of the leader of Afenifere. What are the Yoruba waiting for? Till when Ooni of Ife is kidnapped by the marauding Hausa people? Hahahahah Nnamdi Kanu is laughing at you.

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