Comment on Drums of separation beating loudly –PFN by THE NOON

The roles of a religious in a society which even FAITH appeared in its Motto had totally failed Why?. Since the primary obligations of religious as an institution in a society had failed that society no matter its levels of education and no matter the uncountable places of worship the society will never produce a righteous Democratic leader moreover this type of society even if an Angel come down to rule the country it will not prosper. The way Nigeria political culture allowed religion to influence its activities hypocritically and the notion of allowing selfish interest to prevailed over national interest in the name of religion were a cleared symptoms of a Sickness of a society of which even USA where its Motto is “IN GOD WE TRUST” its political culture never allowed religion foolishness in governance while its society recorded very few places of worship and their Pastors/Bishops never indulged in unscriptural prophecies that often created suspension and division mentality in public just to give glory to themselves without realized the political consequences of what came out from their mouth. Early this year some pastors created an unwarranted and unpatriotic impression in the minds of many unfaithful Nigerians with their prophecies that believed President Buhari will died and Vice President Osinbajo will takeover leadership these prophecies remained a threat to democracy because if President Buhari died some unfaithful Muslim will see it as act of God but the Christians killed him therefore as a democratically elected President of Nigeria, MUHAMMAD BUHARI was democratically and politically free from this ugly security situation and remained innocent before MAN AND GOD as a Democratic leader so is Nigeria really a religious country or a Sicked country?

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