Comment on Ebonyi APC stakeholders defend Gov Umahi by DR Uche Kalu

But the so called Ebubeagu was inaugurated in order to confront the alien
Fulani Killer Herdsmen ,who are ubiquitous in Ebony State and have dug in
permanently in many part of the State, daily pillaging and sacking villages,
farmsteds and hamlets,destroying farmsland and crops,raping our Igbo
women and daughters, slaughtering in their wake our innocent children,
men and women of Ebonyi State.
Instead of deploying his Ebonyi Ebubeagu Squads against the alien
Fulani Killer Herdsmmen, the Aro Uzo Quisling ,David Nwa Umahi chose
to set them after petty criminals ,street vendors and his imagined political
enemies of the Opposition Parties.
Governor David Nwa Umahi and his fellow Igbo Members of APC must be
reminded that, with their continued maintenance of equanimity of Pontius
Pilate,over the ogoing incipient genocide against our innocent Igbo children,
at the behest of their Principal and Paymaster, President Buhari,they are
also complicit thereof.
They can be rest assured that, when we Biafrans drag the Igbophobe,Mallam
Muhammadu Buhari and his Janjaweed Army and Police Commanders to
the ICC at the Hague in the Netherland,some empty seats will be waiting for them also because of their collective complicity.
” Ndigbo ga gwazi ochu.Iwu!
Egbe belu,ugo ebelu.Iwu!
Nke si na ibe ya aga ebe,nku nyawa ya nike.Ofo!
Ndigbo chenu echiche-o-o!
Maka na ndi ndiro gbara gburugburu,na eche ndu ha nche.
Onye aghala nwanne ya.
Anyi ga ebi. Ofo!”
All Hail Biafra our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!!

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