Comment on Ebonyi tackles IPOB, says pro-Biafra groups illegal by Dr Uche Kalu

The so called Ebonyi State unlike other States in the South East is of course ,not a homogeneous Igbo State.
In Ebonyi State, apart from the Noble Ibom – Igbos of Afikpo ,who are dominated and marginalised by the Ohaozara-Wawa Igbos majorities,there are also the Bantu-Ntejes,
and the Ekoyi-Erei-Efiks minority of Afikpo District.
The Afikpos are Ibom-Igbos.They belong to Abia State not to the Wawa State of Ebonyi.
Sir Francis Akanu Ibiam an Afikpo man, was the civilian Governor of Biafra and as the Secretary General of the World Council of Churches, he was indeed a thorn in the flesh of Arch-Imperialist Britain that directed and financed the War of Genocide against us Biafrans.
About 90% of able – bodied Afikpo young men enlisted into our Biafra Army.They were
Biafrans heroes ,who fought like Biafrans because we Biafrans are heroes.
There is not a single family in the current Afikpo North and South Local Government Areas of Afikpo today, that didn’t lose one or two of their Noble Biafran Sons.
As an Admin. Officer of my 53 Battalion of 62 Brigade of the 12th Division of Biafran Army, I did once bury two Afikpo brothers; Lts. Micheal and Raymond Okpani Agu.
Both of them were High School students before the war like me.
May their Noble Souls repose in eternal peace.Amen!
The old Afikpo District is indeed synonimous to Biafran.
Afikpo is indeed Biafra and Afikpo Town ought to have been the Capital of Ebonyi State.
If the likes of Chief Stanly Emeghas and their Aro-uzo Ohaozara Principal,Dave Nwaeze
Umahi really believe that in Ebonyi State,there are no Bakassi,IPoB or MASSOB Boys, let
those Igbo Quislings go and consult their augúrers.
All Hail Biafra,our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!

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