Comment on Ebubeagu not formed to fight IPOB, ESN –S’East Govs. by Dr Uche Kalu

Perhaps the Ebonyi Quisling,Governor Umahi is quite oblivious of the
fact that the Police and other Security Agencies in the country are under
a standing order from the Presidency to offer logistics to the Fulani killer
Herdsmen in exercising their right of passage all over the country.
Furthermore, for every 10 of our Policemen and our Security Agents,9
of them are muslims and only one is a non-muslim.
Besides, they are solely Commanded by muslim Officers also.
Thus, the fact that Ebubeagu will only be complementing the Police and
other Security Agencies is a cliched nonsense and an utter bunkum.
What simply is the matter wrong with David Nwa Umahi and our Igbo
He and his fellow Igbo Governors banned open grazing in Igboland as if
the Fulani Herders do own lands in Igboland to herd their fucking cattle
and there was no law to back that up.
But out there are 60 known locations in Igboland where the Fulani Killer
Herdsmen have permanently dug in already.
When will it ever dawn upon our Igbo Leaders; Political,Religious and
Traditional alike, that the Neo -Colonialist Fulanis are out to Fulanize
and Islamize our fatherland?
The message seems to have been lost on our Igbo Leaders that there
are lots of Igbos living in the North because all our Federal Institutions
were moved from the South to the North by our Hausa/Fulani Overlords.
The onus therefore,is upon them to start thinking about the future of our
children and posterity.
Enough is enough!
All Hail Biafra our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!!

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