Comment on Ekweremadu counters IPOB, denies being behind Python Dance by Dr Uche Kalu

If Mazi Ike Ekweremmadu wasn’t behind those Python Dances launched by the Nigerian Army and the Police at the behest of Mallam Muhammadu Buhari, the President, why has he remained silent over those massacres of our
unarmed and non-violent Igbo Youths then?
What about those members of IPOB arrested by the Army and the Police
during those Pyythhon Dannces ,who have remained unaccounted for up till today?
The onus was upon Chief Ekweremmadu as a Deputy President of the Senate and also the highest Elected Igbo Politician , to have taken up the above matters.
What about our Igbo gaughter, mother and a spouse of an Igbo Christian Clergyman, Oriaku Bridget Agbehieme,who was brutally and publicly beheaded by some Hausa/Fulani Jihadist savages in Kano ?
The perpetrators of that barbaric and heinous act, were found not guilty by a Sharia Court because they ,the Jihadists merely carried out their Islamic duty
according to the court.
Our Honourable Igbo Senator, Mazi Ike Ekweremmadu saw absolutely nothing amiss with the decision of that fucking Sharia Court.
These outpourings of outrage and condemnations over the rude reproach that Chief Ekweremmadu encountered in Nuremberg,Germany, from our IPOB Youths, for his negligency of the duty he owes to us Igbo People in particular and to the Nigerian Sovereign Electorate in General as a Law-Maker , are simply uncalled for.
Thus far, there heve never been such outpourings of outrage and condemnations whenever the alien Neo-Colonialist Fulani Jihadists slaughter and ethnicall cleanse Native Nigerians from their ancestal lands.
What a crying shame and a collective hypocrisy indeed!
These other Nigerians do love to hate us Ndigbo with passions.
For that reason we Igbos will continue to feel unwelcome here in Nigeria, unless the current permanent siege upon Igboland is lifted by Presidnt Buhari.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!
All Hail Biafra,our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!!!

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