Comment on Emefiele tasks Nigerians on farming for food security by THE NOON

Undoubtedly The office of CBN Governor is now a political office that turned itself to a puppet of President on economy matters because all these so called pyramid are mere political propaganda compare to modern agricultural outputs in achieving self sufficiency in food production where the long-term goals and its curiosity will not allowed an unwarranted propaganda however The CBN Governor had show more interest in political farmers by not using the statutory body that has data of all genuine farmers (NAIC) of which this statutory body has superior power over any agricultural associations. Until NAIC is allowed to play its statutory roles on agricultural matters, achieving meaningful success on agricultural production is impossible and achieving self sufficiency is also a mirage, all the annual input will directly goes to political farmers in the names of association. God Blessed Gen. I.B.B for His insight of established NAIC as the only solution to agriculture development in Nigeria and Africa at large

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