Comment on EU parliament elections take place across Britain by Alain

I said it earlier on that the laziest fraudulent palace in this world, is Buckingham palace. Their greed, envy and spirit of stealing black and accient gold under colonialism is the reason while God has rejected the Queen’s palace and her errands to appointed China to lead the world. The Chinese must have to lead the world now since Nigeria is dead. You can’t eat a black cake and have it again. It in their blood to take back the power from anyone. They blindfolded the US into leading wars to middle east, asia, and African war theater on libya and Biafra which says thanks for killing Ghadafi only for the US to wake up to see asian people, middle east, Europeans and Africans walking to china on a bare foot to buy some ice creams. The US should be brave to tell the British that after the briexit scam on Europe and their game to size Euro power then against their own world dollar and military might, they should leave President trump alone now. He has it all. Our digital gatheriñg shows that the world trade 9/11 event was only to reduce the US power to that of Queen palace. The move was sponsored by Nigerian oil under Uthman Dan fodio inner circle in which at a time a world trader center was move away from new york to compensate Osama bin laden nephew land in Dubai for well-done. All the money and oil they use were mainly from Iran and lslamic agenda fund for world power tussle. The British should know that, this is no more a trade war but a plan to override the Christians strong holds in the Bible.

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