Comment on Evil men have infiltrated Ebonyi to kill, maim, kidnap – Umahi by Dr Uche Kalu

It is about time the people of Ebony State did rally round and compel their
Governor,David Nwa Umahi to borrow a leaf from our Great Ibom Afikpo
poeple, by banning the sellings and comsumptions Efi Nama beef ( Fulani
zebu cow) beef in Ebonyi State.
Come to think about it; the Ezzas, Ikwos,Izzis, and Ohaozaras of Ebonyi
State own the greatest number of herds of cattle (Efi Igbo) in Southern
After all,the people of Ebony State can do without fucking Efi Nama.
If that Aro Uzo Quisling,David Nwa Umahi does refuse to comply with the
demand of his people of Ebonyi State,then the onus is upon them to hound
and rout him out of their Ebony State House and if necessary,they should simply take him out completely.
Governor David Nwa Umahi poses a great threat not only to his people of
Ebonyi State in particular but to Ndigbo in General.
For examples:
1.Governor David Nwaeze Umahi is the Chairman of President Buhari’s Farmers/Herders Reconciliation Committee.
Thus, he is on the payroll of the MACBAN Sheikhs,whose Grand Patron is
no other person but the President himself.
That explains why Governor Umahi, who is the Chairman of our South East Governors’ Forum has been scuttling every attempt to form an effective
Security Network for our South East.
2.The Aro Uzo Quisling, David Nwa Umahi did jettison our proposed
Ogbunigwe and Ije Agu Security Networks for the erstwhile IGP Mohammed
Adamu’s Joint Security Network with the MACBAN’s Vigilante Militias.
3.Now ,Dave Umahi’s proposed Ebubeagu Security Network will only be
complementing the duty of our Nigerian Security Agencies (the Army and
the Police),who are under a standing order from the Presidency to offer
logistics to the Fulani killer Herdsmen in exercising their right of passage all
over the country.
In order words,our Ebubeagu Brigades should be spying on us Ndigbo for
David Nwa Umahi’s Aboki Paymaters.
4.That Aro Uzo Quisling, David Nwa Umahi not long ago bragged about his
stealing 25% of our South East Presidential votes during the 2019 Presidential Election for that Igbophobe, Mallam Muhammadu Buhari because he is beholden to that same man,who so much loves to hate us Ndigbo with passion.
5.Shortly after the 30th of May 2016 invasion of Igboland by the Nigerian
Army and the Police,at the behest of President Buhari,Governor Umahi
invited President Buhari to his Ebonyi State Capital of Abakaliki.
Governor Umahi and his fellow Igbo traitors, the Igbo Governors,did fete,
wined and conferred Igbo Title to that Igbophobe,President Buhari.
That was tantamount to inviting the Igbophobe to come and dance on
the fresh graves of our innocent and unarmed Igbo children massacred in
cold blood by the Nigerian Army and the Police during their 30th of May
2016 invasíon of our Biafranland.
That was also a slur over the memories of our murdered children and
indeed a blot on the escutcheon of man.
6.The Aro Uzo Reprobate,Dave Umahi did crown his acts of treacheries and betrayals by his recent taking of his PDP mandate from his people of
Ebony State, to the Axis of Evil Party of conmen,Islamic bigots ,Igbophobes
et al,the so called APC Party.
David Nwa Umahi must be ostracized and banished from Igboland to
Ugwuawusa to his Paymaster; Mallam Muhammadu Buhari to whom he is
thus beholden.
All Hail Biafra, our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!!

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