Comment on Fani-Kayode praises Buhari, denies dumping PDP by Dr Uche Kalu

That our Illiterate Fulani President, Mallam Muhammadu Buhari did get the Saudi Authorities to have Mrs Zainab Aliyu released from her deathrow is simply because, she is an Hausa/Fulani muslim after all.
Come to think about it; more than a score of Nigerians are on deathrow there in
Saudi Arabia like Mrs Zainab Aliyu and for similar offences too.
Why didn’t President Buhari ask the Saudis to release all the Nigerians,who are
on deathrow for drug related offences too?
But the fact of the matter here is that without an exception, all those hapless Nigeria due to be brutally beheaded in Saudi Arabia are all Yoruba muslims.
The poor Omo Afonjas of the South West ( Yoruba mulims) ,wouldn’t know that Buhari and his Neo-colonialist Fulani aliens of the Caliphate of Sokoto ,do indeed despise them more than they despise us, non-muslim Indigenous People of Nigeria.
However, it might perhaps interest many Nigerians to know that those
Barbaric Saudi savages have been beheading scores of Nigerians every years
and for decades too.
Every year hundreds of Nigerian muslims travel to Saudi Arabia on Pilgrimage.
Many of them either die there or return home, bringing in their wake not a blessing but a curse to our country, in the form Cholera Epidemics.
Of course, Islam is an evil and a very wicked religion, which is incapable of delivering any Spiritual Enlightenment to humankind.
Muslims do of course live for a here-after. That explains why they are at war
amongst themselves or on their Jihadist terror campaigns across the globe.
That Chief Fani-Kayode of all people, would dare praise that Daura Tyrant for
the release of that Aboki woman is indeed a clinch nonense.
Buhari and his Fulani alien sojourners of the North are indeed an anathema to us Indigenous People of Nigeria.
The Troglodytes,so called Fulanis are of course,nomore Nigerians than the
Afrikaans (Boers) are South Africans.
But Apartheid is nomore in South Africa.
The ultima ratio therefore,is for us to compel the Fulanis to dismantle their
anachronistic Caliphate of Sokoto, to abrogate their fucking Sharia Imposition in the polity and to pull our country from our OIC,C8 and C15 Memberships.
It is however very urgent and imperative too, that for us to coexist with those
barbaric, bellicose and murdering Fulani savages, this moribund failed Banana
Republic of ours must be restructured or, alternatively we Nigerians must now
be compelled to go our fucking separate ways like the Soviets and the Yugoslaves.
Enough is enough jare!

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