Comment on Farmers-herders crisis: Abiodun inaugurates 20-man peace committee  by Ochendo

Whether we like it or not it is no longer news that the fulanis(under the guise of herdsmen) are now above the law.they are not pretending about it.their umbrella groups make press statements giving their own conditions otherwise the terror will of 19th century are being recast in another way.unfortunately some host communities,states and governments are intimidated and therefore concede to parleys with people who are proudly wrecking havoc while the law looks the other way.this is the cowardly acts that takes the impetus of these guys to another level.a businessman(a herder) deploys his cattles to destroy the goods of another businessman (a farmer).rather than hold the herder for trespassing and breach of peace,the farmer is adviced to dialogue with the herder and this dialogue is being done at state other words,anytime the herders need more concession/attention they will adopt violence(and this has become a deliberate strategy).a herder (be it fulani or igbo) is a private businessman and cannot give their host communities his own terms for his business otherwise he will kill everybody in such communities.certainly not acceptable.let the herders do their business within the confines of the law.

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