Comment on Fatal cost of protests by Peter Okeke

The write up is a beautiful Epistle on how citizens should compuct themselves in dealing the brute forces of the government and bad governance. They should all be well behaved like civilised people in an uncivilized and oppressive ruling climate of their government. They should adopt the postures of see no evil and hear no evil and just glide by even when evil tie their legs together. In fact it was also a waste of time for Atiku to challenge the victory of Buhari at the tribunal because nothing was wrong with the election. We are to continue to live the same way as it was from the beginning because raising your voices would not bring any changes other than risks to your life. Intact you don’t have to protest anything because there is no cause for alarm. The economy is sound and booming under the government with no security challenges. We should all go home and count our blessings.

Source: news

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