Comment on Fear, anxiety grip South-East over IPOB, MASSOB sit-at-home order by alain

This is absolute nonsense. How do you expect them to go out and get killed by some terrorist members of the Government of Nigeria. There is no way you would convince me to believe that this government is not a terrorist syndicate. They are terrorist simple and period. We will never succumb to these illiterate cows in human structure and their idiot alike that has destroyed our future dreams.  We can never take it from them anymore. Enough of this nonsense. A time to be born and a time to die. I want all the list of these Biafran saboteurs and those who call to obey nonsensical idiots leaders;s unfortunate mothers impregnated by these so-called Fulani terrorists during and after the war. We have so many of these bastards in Biafra land and they want to rule us in perpetuity. I bet you now that wherever the former late President of Ghana His excellency Jerry Rawlings is today he will bear witness that these leaders have signed their death warrant because we can;’t continue listening to the stories every day. They have to be buried to give a chance for us to secure our future if not there’s nothing to obey in Nigeria. These leaders have trunk boxes full of black money and they can simply defraud you with it. Those evil formats you are seeing everywhere now, they are the ones who wrote it. They are fraudsters and they can always lie to defraud you now and in the future as always.  They see fraud as fun and it is now in their blood and they can never change from it. Because each time they succeeded in STOLEN and defrauding the equal rights they beat their chest and said I have made money? Public funds for that matter. 
Kill all the leaders and let’s gladden the hearts for our brave heroes. Kill them all

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