Comment on FEC mum on Pantami’s alleged previous link to Al-Qaeda, Taliban by Alain

We have said it many times that we don’t want this constitution anymore! This document is a fraud and is so sad that every attempt made to check-mate the fraud in the past was brutally rejected in style and to nothing by IBB, Buhari, OBJ?????, late Abacha, Abdulsaami , Gowon and other military EVIL forces and their fraudsters. And, since many years now, the same people “Military Idiotic Generals” who subjected us to fight against one another because of oil here and not there are the same people ruling us as “Civilian Idiotic Presidents” They are not Military Generals nor are they civilian Presidents, they are just Monsters. What are they protecting since that of military days and this civic day that has made them to set up a secret death sentence to any one that challenges the smoke-weeding-powder-bad-night generals at the red bush before 1999 with members of BP cartels and I expect OBJ to bear me witness in the sense that he must have been used by a certain region to run this fraud on the entire human race in Nigeria. We are tired of confronting them and getting killed in the peaceful process and this is why we are telling them to reduce their evil ranks and allow people to live on their own but they have just refused again after failed to learn anything from June 12 junta judgement.

The same people and their unfortunate English Teachers

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