Comment on FG condemns malicious allegation against Gowon by Azzo

Let Gowon go and defend himself against the allegation. After all he is still welcomed to the United Kingdom and can still engage representation to seek redress in the UK law courts. What is stopping him? Why should this be FG’s job? If there is a strong belief that the British MP’s ( Mr. Tom Tugendhat, MP, Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Commons) are unfounded, unsubstantiated and misleading then the person whose reputation is at stake here is no other than Gen. Gowon himself. I also read with interest Nwoye saying “…………the said comment of the MP does not reflect the views of Her Majesty’s Government and the British Government has no mechanism for controlling the actions and speeches of members of the Parliament.” So where is the rebuttal from Her Majesty’s Government Office then? Like we all know and should know, every smoking gun must have fired a shot – End of story.

Source: news

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