Comment on FG, states to convene special session on autonomy of judiciary, legislature by THE NOON

These steps abinitio clearly showed that NEC Itself could not democratically defined (Police Brutality) while Nigerians mentalities and its unlawful tendencies towards all authorities defined Nigerian society as a Sicked Society so in these situations, What is police brutality?. How could all Statutory law enforcement agencies meet up with their statutory obligations in this type of sicked society called Nigeria?.
Addressing Nigeria Society and its characteristics should be a very pivotal to all issues because The police were not recruited from other planet they are also originally from the society while the reports on Police brutality should addressed society in order to fairly balanced the situations because many police and law enforcement agencies were brutally victims of sicked society in many ways some Brutally killed while some became permanent handicap as a results of society been cruel in resisting police from doing their statutory obligations moreover in order to created a good precedence that would guaranteed fair and moral justice on these matter NEC should not implement and compensation to any Victims because Nigerians would continue taking undue advantages of that by failing to allow law enforcement agencies to do their statutory obligations therefore Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and NEC members should ask themselves, Why are Nigerians commending President Buhari for His Legacy of (WAR AGAINST INDISCIPLINE) when He was Head of States? That era recorded military brutality in a cleared direction to inculcate moral disciplines in Nigerian society not really to persecuted people but today symptoms of a sickness of a society is manifesting in a Schools, Religious institutions, Family and in Leadership as well which together not compatible with democracy.

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