Comment on FG: Top traditional rulers behind violence in North by THE NOON

This unjustified allegations against the integrity and reputation of the traditional rulers who history confirmed that they are custodian of culture, moral values and ensure peace and unity within their respected traditional jurisdiction however this barbaric allegations by FG shows that this administration lacked competence on security matters while its efforts on protecting lives and property proof the fact that its only causes an unwarranted commotion in the name of solution. How could traditional rulers that are victims of kidnapping, violence attack and unwarranted psychological attack by immoral politician now behind kidnapping and bandits?. Suspension of mining in the region was a total lacked of direction and failure to proffered security solution because during the Niger Delter militancy FG does not suspended oil exploration as a solution but the then Government of late President Umar Musa Yar’adua followed Democratic principle and process that abruptly ended militancy FG in the region while these unprecedented legacy immortalized him in the hearts and lips of not only people of the region but Nigerians. This Government should resign if they can no longer protect lives and properties because aggravating the already ugly security situations is dangerous to what democracy really all about.

Source: news

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