Comment on Finally, U.S. House impeaches Donald Trump in historic vote by THE NOON

There are many socioeconomic and political lessons for Nigeria and Africa on this USA historical impeachment of Donald Triumph especially on what political culture upholds and what Democratic tradition defined however the Democratic process that led to the impeachment of Donald Trumph truely defined that democracy is all about protection and defending of rules of laws while political culture upholds societal moral values and defended the sanctity of peoples not an individual. Does Nigerian political culture uphold the oaths of office and oaths of allegiance by the executive and legislature when in office? Nigerians Democratic leadership at all levels had often violated oaths of allegiances nothing happened because the way Nigerian political culture made party interest to prevailed over national interest on its many political process were total violation of an oaths of office and oaths of allegiance so when would Nigeria political culture uphold Democratic values of defending Democratic culture rule’s of laws than defending an individual? USA tells the whole world that democracy and political culture was not all about an INDIVIDUALISM but upholding the principles of Nobody above the law and the sanctity of Democratic values prevailed over individual selfish interest.

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