Comment on Fireworks as APC, PDP clash over Buhari, others by THE NOON

Is Democratic culture all about an individualism?. Obviously what really happened on this historical gathering presented Nigeria and its barbaric political culture as people without moral values as well people without disciplines so how could APC National Chairman turned his speech to ridiculed Former President Obasanjo of which all his submission totally contradicted the the Messages of The Book ( Big Interviews) ? Adam Oshiomale demonstrated absolute indiscipline in all his comparison of baseless issues because this type of gathering is expected to be an avenue for learning and understanding roles
journalism plays in upholding healthy Democratic culture however what does Oshoimole wanted Nigerian’s to learn from his assault to the reputation of Former President Olusegun Obasanjo? The motives of Oshiomole and his intentions not only digressed from the objective of the author but remained a symptoms of a sickness of a society and these symptoms run contrary to Africans traditional values that respected elders so it is time to launch OTOGE campaign for APC National chairman in order for him to acknowledged the real fact that his own political records are very worse than the Waziri of Ilorin, Dr Bukola Saraki. What are the Original Sins of Former President Olusegun Obasanjo that warranted all these accusations so Mr Adam are you also practice what you preach? THE NOON has moral and political obligations to protect, defend and uphold the legacies, reputation and integrities of Nigerian past/President/ Head of States as people of an unquestionable Character therefore it is expected of Oshiomole to render public apology to former president Obasanjo in 48 hrs or face the Music.

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