Comment on Food embargo: Union ends strike, resumes supplies to south by THE NOON

The crisis that lead to the blockage of farm produces from the Northern part of the country to the southern part raises so many fundamental questions of if the country doesn’t know where it is going, it should definitely know where it coming from because the decision taken by the presidency together with the Union and the busybody Governor of Kogi State and Chief Fani Kayode are mere treatment of symptoms without diagnosed its diseases of which the failure to vividly reflected on over 100years of amalgamation of Northern and Southern part of Nigeria and 60years of Independence from British while 22years of Democracy these types of crisis still continue repeated itself in difference barbaric of tribal, religion and regional dimensions, Why?. How old is Governor Yahaya Bello and Chief Fani Kayode for them to mediate on this matter that directly questioned the motto of Nigeria? Since two of them doesn’t even know the motto of Nigeria and its interpretation. All these agitation and counter agitation in all its barbaric names that continue causing fear, sorrow and tears with many tension in Nigeria only tell the whole world that Nigeria is neither a religious society nor an educated society but a sicked society.

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