Comment on Forget 2023 polls; let’s restructure Nigeria –Idika Kalu by THE NOON

How could restructuring be the solutions when you already reflected on the past glory, values and a fair reasons on Nigerians society where moral values were upheld by all the institutions that formed a wise society? The only system of government which its principles and philosophy promote collective sacrifices for the common good of people’s is democracy so why is 20yrs of democracy failed to proffered solutions to societal challenges? Obviously democracy is not compatible with a political culture that promote selfishness, greediness and injustice where the so called Democratic leaders are only united by corruption so would restructuring of government changed these barbaric mentality of Nigerians political culture where many elected office holders are there with motives to enriched themselves moreover if America political culture is drives by the philosophy of “Don’t think of what your country will do for think of what you will do for your country” that show only collective sacrifice from party level can make democracy a solutions to societal challenge

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