Comment on Future of  Nigeria’s democracy is doomed –Senator Hanga by THE NOON

Wrongly accusing the Judicial arm of government in a Democratic system only perverse the already doomed situations because Sen. Hanga failed to vividly reflects on Nigerian political culture and its notions that legalized what is illegal and moralised what is immoral of which these culture of Nigerian politics had turned the process that produced the executive arm and the legislative arm undemocratic in all ramifications that unfolds the beauty of democracy while these remained what directly tarnished the reputation of the Judicial arm and disrespected the nobility of the Judges however since the executive and the legislative failed to uphold Democratic culture where abused of powers and abused of office opened the doors for all forms of corruption the Judicial arm always face with the political burdens of teeming corruption cases, electoral cases and many base less political cases so the Judiciary was just victim of a system where its society lacked political and Democratic orientation. A truely Democratic and political oriented society would never be mislead by the so called selfish people that often created an unjustified political tension capable to add to crisis of the country so how could allege third terms ambition of President Buhari still influence Nigerians upon it is unconstitutional these kind of political tension only presented Nigeria as uneducated and people that can be easily manipulated by Mr Falana whom his action often presented him as a puppet of doom because Former President Olusegun Obasanjo was also unjustifiably accused of pursued third term ambition which there was no evidence of that but a mere accusations to ridiculed his personality so Nigerians should understand the fact that allowing these unjustified political tension of third term ambition of President only aggravated their hardship because the promoters are just political busybody that gained from peoples hardships. It was on records that Former President Obasanjo Never desire third term, nor said it , nor campaign for it still He was mocked as a desperately wanted third term.

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