All agitators in Nigeria in all their names can never be deemed as Freedom fighters because their activities as well as their objective violated Democratic principle at the same time breached the Democratic process of peaceful agitation while their objective remained a cleared threat to democracy and Nigeria sovereignty therefore Gani Adams and other people that called these enemy of Nigeria as Freedom fighters failed to vividly checked the records of these so called agitators in order to know that they are true enemy of Yoruba by their records however it was agreed that Nigeria has bad leadership so would agitation in the barbaric names of Yoruba Nation and IPOB be a Democratic solutions? The records of Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi KANU clearly showed that they never in any way promoted Yoruba culture or Igbo culture in the past which mean they are not qualified to champions Yoruba or Igbo interest because since 1999 selfish interest had not only prevailed over National interest but the society itself had allowed individual interest to ruled over tribal, regional and religious interest because these so called agitators in all their names are pursuing individuals selfish interest not really tribal or regional interest so their supporters are greatest FOOLS of this century. How could Nnamdi KANU that possessed UK passport champion Igbo interest? How could Sunday Igboho whom wife was German be a true Yoruba Nation agitator? these only happened in a sicked society again Is agitation in a selfish and Foolish direction a solutions to bad Democratic leadership?.

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