Comment on Gen. Alexander Madiebo exclusive: Biafra breeze now gathering storm by DR Uche Kalu

Although we cannot reverse the past.But we can learn from it.
As for me a diehard Biafran,the past is always present and will always
remain present in my memory and indeed, one must always remember
that the past belong to us and not us to the past.
The past is always a prologue of what to expect and what is to come.
The ideals of Biafra will never ever die as long as those perpetrators of
Biafran Genocide and their children remain unrepentant to the point of
denying us our inalienable right to remember and honour our fallen
Biafran heroes and the innocent victims of Pol Pot Yakubu Gowon’s
War of Genocide against us Biafran.
We Biafrans did take solace from the Biblical advice as contained in
the Romans,5: 3 -5;
“We did glory in our suffering,because we knew that suffering produces
perserverance,perseverance produces character and character produces
And hope doesn’t put us in shame.”
Besides we Biafrans do have a noble and decent sense of love for
human dignity.
We Biafrans are very hard woking not a beggar folk.
Biafra was born under fire,blood,tears and sorrows.
Biafra will rise again under fire,blood,tears and sorrow.
Oh yes indeed.
One day,we Biafran will be going to take our pound of flesh by visiting
the inquities of the fathers against us Biafrans upon their children.
Vengancy is indeed ours!
All Hail Biafra,our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun.

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