Comment on Getting 100m Nigerians out of poverty realisable -President by THE NOON

Until there are answers to these fundamental questions before the vision of lifting 100 millions of Nigerians out of poverty cycle is realisable or not.
Why does so many vision of Federal Government on poverty alleviation/reductions failed absolutely upon Billions of Naira inputs since 1999? What really happened to NEEDS, MDGS, VISION 2020 and so many other Federal Government programs in the past?.
Undoubtedly with the current political culture and its notions that turned politics to business affairs and the only means to be questionably wealthy while the political atmosphere of Nigeria only unfolded the true objective of Political parties as business enterprises which activities only promoted laziness in all ramifications that truly defined a very sick society so which magic or miracles will lift 100 Million of Nigerians out of poverty cycle in 10 years?
Nigerians really needed a Democratic leaders with practical examples where His/Her leadership style as well as Policies will diversified Nigeria economy from Oil and Gas sector of the economy to non Oil sectors of the economy at the same time systematically diversified human resources from bureaucratic systems that often gives room for Ghost worker’s to Productive systems that add value to economy while these would changed the mentality of Nigerians in a direction that would make them to always think of what they will do for their country and not really think of what their country will do for them, These remained the only Miracles and Magic that guaranteed absolute poverty reductions as well inculcate patriotism in a reasonable direction that will absolutely end poverty in a short term without unreasonably mentioned unrealistic figures of people to be lifted out of poverty.

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