Comment on …Gov Umahi fumes as herders kill scores in 4 Ebonyi communities by icheoku

ICHEOKU says a bullcrap baloney hogwash, mere hot air. How can the governor accept a police chief of his State who is Fulani to fish out culprits who are Fulani and who probably carried out the dastardly act after consultation with the police authorities. Lagos State will not accept any police chief who is not of Yoruba stork in Lagos but Southeast governors readily acquiesce to such nonsensical and still expect such a foreigner to care about securing their States. It is sad and sadder that these governors are still sabotaging Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his ESN instead of effectively using them as bargaining deterrent. The other time it was 40 Igbo people that were killed by Fulani marauders in Uzo Uwani Enugu State and now they have upped the ante by killing another 50 Igbo people in Ebonyi State. Shame on these stooge governors who have no balls to show some audacity of courage with a counter strike. Who the heck are these Fulanis anyway or don’t they have blood in their veins that could be similarly shed too. It is sad.

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