Comment on Gov. Umahi’s defection to APC by Dr Uche Kalu

That Mazi Ebere Nwabara with his above treatise, tried to hold a brief for that
Igboawusa Quisling , Governor ( Ex-Governor) David Nwaeze Umahi, does indeed
expose him as a damned fucking bloody brown envelope Journalist.
Of course,a Nigerian Igbo,who leaves his Nigerian Igbo Party,PDP to join an
Hausa/Fulani Nigerian Party, so called APC, is indeed a damned Igboawusa.
QED (Quod Erat Demonstrandum).
Governor (Ex-Governor) David Nwaeze Umahi is a damned traitor and the
followings below, are some of his acts of treachery against us Ndigbo,namely;
1.In his capacity as the Chairman of South East Governors’ Forum, that
Reprobate, David Umahi, cajoled and suckered his fellow Igbo Governors into
the proscription of our Millennials of IPOB.
That did pave the way for the Igbophobe,President Buhari to designate our
flagbearing,nonviolent and unarmed IPOB Youths as a Terrorist Group.
Thus,David Umahi is indeed complicit in the ordering of Python Dance i,ii and iii
Military Operations by President Buhari, against our innocent and unarmed Igbo
children,who were slaughteréd in their hundreds,in Cities and Towns of our South
East and parts of the South South.
2.Shortly after President Buhari had ordered the 30th of May 2016 invasion of
Igboland, when the Nigerian Army and the Police murdered in cold blood some
thousands of our IPOB and MASSOB Youth, Governor Umahi invited President
Buhari to his Ebonyi State Capita City of Abakaliki, to dance on the fresh graves
of our Igbo Children, thus murdered in cold blood at his behest.
David Umahi and his fellow Igbo Governors, dined,feted and wined the bloody
Igbophobe,Mallam Muhammadu Buhari,and did crown their above acts of
treachery by conferring an Igbo Title on that filthy , uncircumcised and
uninitiated, son of an undocumented Fulani cattle driver alien from the
Sahara yonder.
Tufiakwa !!
That was an unforgivable slur over the memories of our innocent children
murdered in cold blood and indeed a blot on the escutcheon of man also.
3.To appease his Aboki friends,the Aro-Uzo Reprobate, David Nwa Umahi,did
scuttle our Security- Network, codenamed, ”Ije Agu ” and instead he accepted
the imposition of the gobbledygook ”Community Policing ” by the Abokis.
But our Noble Kwa Yoruba Cousins of the South West have their Amotekun
Corps,and the Hausa/Fulani muslim barbarians of the North have their fucking
Hisbah or rather, Sharia Police and Dandukas.
I do reckon that our late Great Avatars,Ikemba Odumegwu Ojukwu, Dr.Michael
Iheonukara Okpara and Sir Francis Akanu Ibiam must be moving in their
graves because of the enslavement of Ndigbo, thus aided and being abetted
by our elected Igbo Leaders.
I wonder what,the likes of Mazi Ebere Nwabara do call such traitors like David
Nwaeze Umahi?
He is a damned Quisling!
Dave Umahi ain’t got no damned robust pedigree or a prospect, neither for himself,
nor for his people of Ebonyi Sate in particular and Ndigbo in general.
Like his Aro-Uzo ancestors,who were slave catchers and traders in Ohaozara
Local Government Areas of Ebonyi State, Governor David Umahi wants to
convert his entire State into a colony of his Fualni MACBAN Overlord.
In Afikpo North,Central and South Local Government Areas,the Ibom Igbos of
Afikpo are living in fear.
The people of Afikpo can no longer cultivate, plant their farmlans or harvest their
crops because DavidN Umahi has ceded their ancestral lands to his new Fulani
MACBAN Partners.
Governor David Umahi is indeed a Quisling.
The people of Ebonyi must rid themselves of Governor Umahi.
That Aro-Uzo Reprobate must be hounded, routed and sent packing from Ebonyi
State House,away to Ugwu-Awusa,where he should rightly belong.
Dave Nwa Umahi must go!

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